Hi! I’m Ken.

I build and lead world-class product teams.

I’m passionate about creating beautiful, easy-to-use products (mobile and web). An entrepreneur in my own right, I have a proven track record of leading product teams and turning ideas into successful products. I’m currently based in Berlin and work with some of the world’s most influential companies and brands to create products that touch the lives of millions of people.


Serial venture builder

I joined BCG Digital Ventures, a subsidiary of BCG, in 2016. Since then, the Group has launched more than 150 startups, I’ve personally been part of 15+ ventures.

I'd love to tell you more...

… but our involvement in ventures is mostly non-public. Thus far, I’ve built ventures in these industries:

  • Climate tech
  • Insurtech & Fintech
  • Asset management
  • Mobility
  • Logistics, both last mile and shipping
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Retail/Fashion

The solution space

Whereas my focus prior to DV was mostly on product management for web and mobile apps, I’ve since expanded my scope:

  • General Management of startups
  • Coaching and enabling corporate embeds
  • Innovation Process: Implementing Design thinking and design sprints
  • Product definition based on ethnographic research
  • Rapid builds of MVP with leading-edge tech
  • Commercialization/Go-To-Market
  • Acceleration of existing startups

Facts and figures

  • Built 16 ventures and counting
  • Led 150+ product team members, both client and DV
  • Coached 15+ Product Managers
  • And yes, created more slides than I can count

Want to know more?

I’d be happy to elaborate on both BCG DV as a (potential) employer or share my personal experience. Send me a message!


Sustainability for companies

Plan A helps you measure, reduce and offset your business carbon footprint whilst creating an employee culture of sustainability.

Accelerating the venture

Plan A is a Berlin-based startup that won the BCG DV sustainability program. During the 10-week program, as General Manager from the DV side, I led a team of BCG DV experts and startup employees through the build phase.

The product challenge

During our rapid build phase we quickly identified the pain points of the previously largely manual carbon reduction process and built an end-to-end digital self-service platform that allows companies to continuously measure their carbon emissions and then suggest an implementation plan for carbon reduction. Working hand in hand with the Plan A team, we launched the MVP within 8 weeks.


  • Role: General Manager (from the BCG DV side)
  • Team size: 25 FTE
  • Space: Climate tech
  • Challenge: E2E build of digital platform in 8 weeks

Mobimeo _primary logo

Changing the way cities move

The mobimeo companion is a navigation system for public transport. It not only knows the best connection, but also reliably accompanies the user step by step from A to B, similar to a car navigation system.

The companion – a Deutsche Bahn lighthouse product

I built and led the companion team of 25+ (both BCG DV and new hires) with the goal to create an independent, high-performing team with a clear focus and great culture.

The product challenge

As the companion is a B2B2C offering, it was built as an easy-to-integrate app for public transport players. It’s live in the BVG app and enhances the experience of Berlin commuters (3M+ downloads).


Mobimeo is a Deutsche Bahn venture under the “New Mobility” roof. Closing the gap to local public transport, it offers B2B solutions to public transport players.

  • Position: Lead PM (as part of my role at BCG DV)
  • Team: 25+, 2 PM reports
  • Location: Berlin
  • 3M+ Downloads
  • Available on iOS and Android


Shipping made simple.

Twill makes shipping simple. The booking process is as easy as buying airplane tickets – it takes just 30 seconds to place a complete cargo booking. No phone calls – everything happens on the intuitive platform.

Building a virtual freight forwarder

Freight forwarding is a fragmented, analog and inefficient process. Twill offers instant quotation, shipment tracking and smooth, digital document handling, while building on the experience of DAMCO’s tried and tested logistics network.

The product challenge

Building a digital freight forwarder with state-of-the-art technology in an industry that still relies on couriers and faxes is not an easy feat. In my role as Senior PM at BCG Digital Ventures, I was responsible for the creation and execution of the product vision and roadmap from the ground up, as well as building and coaching the venture team that took over Twill during the commercialisation phase.

Facts and Figures

  • Position: Leading PM
  • First live booking on the platform after 5 months of build time
  • Locations in Berlin and The Hague
  • Coached venture team to take over after successful launch
  • Delivered on-time and on-budget


One app. Every airport.

FLIO provides crucial airport information, connects you with free Wi-Fi, and offers lounge passes and train tickets at a discount through in-app purchases.

Building a world-class team

As CPO and Co-founder, I recruited 10+ passionate senior developers, PMs, and designers to create the world’s most efficient airport app. To connect our team across four locations, I implemented scrum-oriented processes from scratch and developed low-budget collaboration methods to foster smooth communication.

The product challenge

FLIO aggregates information about airports (mostly through proprietary APIs and web scraping). Our challenge was to identify which services were most useful to the user, and deliver on those priorities under budget. We focused on clustering features for fast search experience to avoid information overload. After all, it might make the difference between catching a flight or missing it.

Facts & Figures

  • Position: CPO & Co-Founder
  • From 3 founders to 20 employees in 6 months
  • Locations in Berlin, Hamburg, London, Kiev, Ahmedabad
  • 850+ airports
  • 100.000+ downloads, covered by global press (NYT, Guardian, Lifehacker)
  • iOS & Android


Making shopping rewarding

shopnow is a shopping companion app. As you visit stores, you collect points that can later be redeemed for rewards, and you receive personalized offers and discounts.

The shopnow team

I built this product team from just myself up to a staff of 15. We ran a smooth scrum process, but I’m most proud of our consistent team spirit. With team members from seven different countries, we cultivated a supportive culture that made work feel awesome.

The product challenge

From hand-soldering the first iBeacon prototype to building out the roadmap for a new mobile app, I loved the process of transitioning my own workload from hands-on technical skill to hiring and managing a team of 15—while consistently delivering on time and on budget.

Facts & Figures

  • Position: Director of Product
  • Company grew from 5 to 35 in 12 months
  • Based entirely in Berlin
  • 100.000+ downloads
  • iOS & Android


The restaurant guide

foodQuest simplifies the restaurant search. Instead of being flooded with geo-driven choices, foodQuest tailors its recommendations by category like business lunch, romantic dinner, laptop-friendly or quick & healthy.

A team of entrepreneurs

I co-founded foodQuest fresh out of university. Starting and running our own company taught me the practical skills and strategic mindset that I use as a product director today, and that continue to fuel my passion for mobile products.

The product challenge

Run on a shoestring budget, foodQuest went up against the Yelps and Qypes of the web 2.0 era. We focused our resources on building the best user experience on the market by enriching existing restaurant data with our community’s recommendations.

Facts & Figures

  • Position: Co-Founder & CEO
  • 3 developers, 1 designer
  • Funded by bootstrapping and EXIST scholarship
  • iOS & web