About me

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About me

I’m Ken Knoll and I build products and teams for great startups. Originally from Wiesbaden, Germany, I’ve been working in the Berlin tech world for more than five years. I’m an experienced leader with a diverse background in UX, finance, and engineering.

You’re probably here because you’re looking for some help. I’m a big believer that a “good fit” is different for every team — so let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

My background

  • 10+ years of product know-how
  • Hired or led over 150 employees from 20+ countries
  • M. Sc. in Finance and Electrical Engineering from Technische Universität Darmstadt

What I enjoy most

The big vision is where I shine, but vision doesn’t come to life without motivated, structured teams. I’ve hired and organized three product teams from the ground up, creating agile processes and implementing realistic roadmaps.

My leadership mantra

Bring in smart people and let them work.
I help with the what, but the how is up to my team.

Delivering on priorities

My favorite phrase is “Let’s measure it first.” The goal is to verify every hypothesis by putting in the least amount of time and money possible — a process frequently referred to as building a minimum viable product. I always seek out insights before implementing new features.

And to determine which features and projects demand our attention most, I ask myself the same question everyday: Will today’s projects help the business grow?

I worked closely on the iOS app with Ken. He cares about those details that make the difference in a product. He is passionate, enthusiastic and knows how to get things done. As a manager, Ken pushes people to the next level. I can definitely recommend Ken for any management position in an entrepreneurial project.
Karl Schaeffler Former developer at FLIO
I've been lucky enough to work with Ken on several occasions. He's got all the qualities you could ask for: brains, creativity, determination, and the ability to look at a problem from multiple angles. On top of that, he's a super chilled dude and a real pleasure to work with.
Tim Gregg Long-time freelance collaborator
For Ken, it's important to make decisions based on user info and real usage analysis. He always made sure things were headed in the right direction by being a heavy user of the product himself. Ken is a multitasking product owner that excels in everything he touches. I would most definitely love to work again in the future.
Zohar Frankor Former QA manager at shopnow

I’m available for consulting and mentoring, and am always interested in meeting great minds. Let’s sit down for a coffee and start the conversation!